Discover the magic of hot glass in our workshops

Would you like to try glassblowing? You have come to the right place!

You are very welcome to Soda Shop Design, here you will get acquainted with 1100 degrees hot glass with two happy glassblowers who absolutely love their job! Whether you come on your own, with a friend or with a big group we always offer you a memorable glass experience.

We have several workshops to choose from: Our studio provides different kinds of glassblowing events and experiences from glassblowing demo to glass bead making. Or you can make an appointment and come to blow your own unique glass piece!

You will find many kinds of glassblowing gift cards in our webshop. You can buy those for yourself or as a gift for someone. These adventures are loved by our customers! For a larger group we will make an offer, just contact us! We will plan the event according to your wishes.

Glassblowing gift cards for 1-7 people

You can come to try glassblowing, make yourself an own unique tableware piece or a pretty glass bead for a necklace or a keychain. We also offer adventure packages combining several experiences. Come alone or bring friends with you. You can also purchase it for a friend as a gift to remember!

Glassblowing workshops for bigger groups

Are you looking for something fun to do as a group? Experience the world of glass through a glassblowing demo or make yourselves vases or other lovely glass pieces or glass beads.

We arrange different kind of events: business occasions, meetings, birthdays, bachelor parties, Christmas parties -you name it! We plan every event according to a group’s needs and wishes.

We are more than happy to assemble you a whole experience with tasty food, candle lights, and the glow of the glass furnaces. We can take groups of 8-50 people. Also, events for bigger groups can be arranged if the group can be divided in smaller groups during the day with the help of our co-operative partners and combinable adventures in the field of art, crafts and nature activities. We can also arrange a catering for the event, we have a wide range of different menus to choose from. It’s an honor to offer you tasty, local and fresh food to make your adventure day perfect!