Our glassblowing studio with a spacious showroom and a colourful shop is situated in a beautiful old brick Magazine built by Russian emperor Alexander II in 1870 near the centre of Hämeenlinna. Rays of sunlight come inside through the three meters high windows and arches. It’s ideal for our colourful glass pieces! We have the showroom, shop and gallery and lifestyle store all under the same roof.

Welcome to shop!

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The power duo behind Soda Shop Design is Marjut Numminen and Aino Vilpas. All of the products are both designed and handmade with a professional skill by us – even the craziest and most challenging ideas! Marjut graduated with a master’s degree in economics, but she almost ended up starting a goat farm. Aino is a soulful daydreamer who accidentally applied to a glass school. We have been making glass together now for over ten wonderful years! We know each other’s habits so that well we wouldn’t even have to talk to each other while working anymore. But that hasn’t happened yet!  We call ourselves glassblowers. We also feel like we are art orientated craftswomen with a strong vision and never-ending source of ideas.

Marjut Numminen
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Aino Vilpas
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A few words about glassblowing and our principles

There is a magical appeal in glassblowing. Glass furnace glows hot orange light, water sparkles in buckets, a faint scent of smoke from burnt wet wood and newspaper, the sweet smell of beeswax floating in the air and the metallic sounds of iron pipes.

It’s wonderful to be part of the thousands of years old tradition and shape the 1100 degrees hot and melt glass into concrete and touchable objects. Glassblowing requires lots of technical skills, tenacity and commitment, creativity and always new ideas. That is the reason why you cannot get bored with glassblowing! Glass constantly challenges you and keeps you alert. The core values in product design and glassblowing are ethics, humanity, and ecology. Our products have a long life guaranteed by both their design and durability. Glass as a material is pure and environmentally friendly, originally sand and always recyclable.

Sand + soda + potash = glass = ♥